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Puritalia unveils the custom-made, 965hp super-hybrid Berlinetta at Geneva International Motor Show 
Only 150 will be made for demanding car enthusiasts who want the experience of having their unique car built to their specifications. 

Puritalia Automobili, the custom-made, handcrafted, high-tech Italian sports car maker, presents its new car, the Berlinetta: a super-hybrid 965 hp, total carbon fiber body fuoriserie at the 89th Geneva International Motor Show. 

Puritalia Automobili was founded by Paolo Parente, who partnered with car designer Fabio Ferrante, to build fuoriserie cars in the spirit of the Golden Years of Italian automobile design using the most advanced technologies. 
The Berlinetta, a project that was four years in the making, is the Puritalia experience at its best. A handcrafted, custom-made Italian sports car that offers a super-hybrid engine – managed by Artificial Intelligence based proprietary software – in a Berlinetta style carbon fiber body that offers the ideal 50/50 weight distribution for the perfect driving experience. 
The Berlinetta represents the completion of an intense research and development effort that lasted for four years and began after the presentation of the first prototype, called the “427 Roadster,” in 2015. 
What is missing in today’s supercar market, is the unique experience of having your car handcrafted to your own specifications, like it used to be in the Golden Years of the Italian automobile designs of the 50’s and 60’s. 
The Puritalia experience provides this unique experience to the most demanding car enthusiast and collector. You can’t buy a Berlinetta: it will be made-to-order, to your personal specifications. A real fuoriserie a totally unique car in the world today. 
Only 150 Berlinettas will be made. 
Each Berlinetta requires an enormous amount of time to make: 800 hours just for all carbon-fiber painting and finishing. That is more than some “industrial” supercars take for the entire building process to be completed.

Paolo Parente | CEO & Founder
Although we began with the distinctive style and philosophy of the 427 

Roadster, the Berlinetta is the culmination of a brand-new project. 
Though there was great interest exhibited by the media and the
public after the presentation of the 427, we realized how much the automotive world was changing and how it could soon present additional opportunities for us to deliver an even more exclusive, desirable product to our customers. 

We accepted the challenge, rolling up our sleeves and ultimately completing this incredibly ambitious task. 
Meanwhile, we demonstrated our ability to innovate by integrating tradition with science and the most advanced technology, without ever denying the distinctive philosophy of Puritalia brand. 
The result is the Puritalia Berlinetta, a one of a kind supercar that represents the Puritalia principles at their best. 
It is a 965hp plug-in hybrid, total carbon fiber “Fuoriserie” with an innovative powertrain layout that, thanks to the front V8 and rear parallel electric engines, preserves the proportion and shape inspired by classic cars of the 70s while still ensuring a perfect 50/50 weight distribution. 
The Berlinetta represents a harmony between the glorious Golden Years of Italian automobile design and the technology and performance of the cars of the future. 
It offer the best of both worlds with the efficiency and torque offered at low revs by the electric motor, coupled with the power and the incredible sound that only a V8 engine can ever offer. 
We believe that the development of these hybrid technologies represents the future of super sports cars, and thus we developed our innovative patented technology called Purhydrive - an artificial intelligence platform based on cloud-computing that provides smart and efficient management of the hybrid powertrain. The key to the Purhydrive technology is the ability to self-learn a driver’s style, augmented by a live data feed of traffic, weather, roads morphology, etc. to provide real-time, smart energy delivery strategies tailored for each driver and each journey. 
Around the Berlinetta we have shaped the distinctive characteristics of the Puritalia brand; it wants to evoke Italian heritage of the past while maintaining that car enthusiasts are looking for more than to just buy a car; they want the entire experience of having one built to their specifications not only by expert Italian craftsmen, but with the most advanced technologies available. 
Here, it is not like buying a car from a dealer. Being part of the Puritalia world is not for everyone, nor is it enough to just have the money. Rather, it means demonstrating that you belong in an exclusive club of real connoisseurs. 
This is why we like to think that our cars are not sold. Instead, we entrust them to our Ambassadors who are able to care for and appreciate them, thanks to their extensive knowledge of every technical, engineering, and manufacturing detail. 
Italy is a wonderful country that excites and inspires extraordinary achievements. 
Even beyond the numbers and technical specifications, we hope that our effort, the outcome of which we present today, excites you just as it has excited us during every single moment of this journey, and will continue to every single day. 

The name Berlinetta is a traditional Italian term that refers to classic sports cars, specifically luxury two seaters with a shape that is harmonious and balanced, never extreme. 
There is a level of luxury and exclusivity in owning an entirely unique car - it’s the privilege to be noticed, to stand out from the crowd. It’s an object that excites, whether you’re driving or simply admiring it. 
The front engine and long hood recall the proportions of supercars lost to the past; sitting further back in the car provides a unique feeling and experience now abandoned by modern supercars. 
It’s a luxury “Gran Turismo” that does not scream its performance to the world, but hides it - almost deceptively - behind the beauty of its forms. 
It’s a term that means a car at the height of automotive technique and performance, but one with a style that recalls the great coupés and custom-built cars of Italy’s Golden Age. 
It’s a car that is custom built for you, a true connoisseur of sports cars. For us, the Berlinetta represents all of this and it does so in the distinctive 
Puritalia Automobili style. 

Fabio Ferrante | Chief Designer
The name Berlinetta brings with it a series of considerations that weigh 

like boulders on the pencil of every designer. 
The name not only describes a Gran Turismo, a powerful and sporty front- engined car that is pleasant to drive, but ideal proportions, elegance, and a strong sports connotation at the same time. 
There are many examples, and perhaps they rank among the most beautiful, of cars that carry this name. Just think of the 1946 Cisitalia 202, the 1962 Ferrari 250 GTO or the 1965 GT SWB to understand it’s true meaning and importance. 
In June of 2015, when we decided to make a new car, I was immediately asked: “Can we make it beautiful?” The task was not easy despite the fact that the 427 Roadster, the one-off that we presented a few months earlier in Milan, had been met with enormous critical acclaim for its style. 
That project was born as a tribute - although revised in an “Italian” way - to overseas muscle cars, and was essentially a pure roadster. 
Nonetheless, we believed that abandoning what we had achieved stylistically on the first model would have been a mistake. In just a few minutes, I began to change its forms and make them not only more modern, but closer to the precise characteristics and proportions of a Berlinetta. 
With a shred of hope, yet at the same time a strong conviction, I replied: “It will have to be, and it will be beautiful.” 
From that moment on, our true journey began. Designing what we immediately decided to call “Berlinetta” was certainly not an easy task, but I think that is what fills us with pride the most. 

Designing the exteriors was the real challenge we faced. It was difficult work to balance the lines and proportions between the different sections that had to not only respect the heritage of the Roadster, but translate it into the new forms from a Berlinetta at the same time. 
The style has matured a great deal. Now, the design is so simple and elegant that it can accommodate elements with very strong character, and show pronounced muscles, without ever being detrimental to the overall appearance. 
A very long bonnet houses a powerful 8-cylinder engine, centrally mounted after the front axle, which allows us to have a short frontal overhang, accommodates the important distance needed between the front wheel arch and front pillar, and highlights the front of the car even more. 
The front has important openings for cooling the engine compartment, but as part of the evolution from the previous style, we provided two side air intakes that allow for the cooling of the braking system as well. This forced us to completely redesign the front itself, but it ultimately created a more streamlined and sporty look. 
The roof is very rounded and descends gently towards the broad and muscular rear, which makes the car feel as if attached to the ground. The body always brings with it two very distinctive elements in the two visible ribs that begin at the windshield and gain body as they move to the rear, on the sides of the rear window. 
For the top, we wanted to show the true soul of the magnificent car body that is built entirely out of carbon. The carbon mesh itself is left exposed, which, if viewed at a certain angle, shows off golden reflections - a stylistic gem that is totally customizable to the customer, who can even select the color of the reflections for the visible carbon elements. 
For the side, there was a need to increase the extraction capacity of the hot air in the engine compartment, and it created a strong, distinctive element that ultimately characterizes the side itself. 
Moving towards the rear, there were two important elements that had to blend harmoniously with one other: the shoulder that embraces the lower part of the frame and the side discharge. Both of these go far beyond being exclusively designed for style. For example, the changes made in the name of being aerodynamic have led us to accommodate a very pronounced extractor. Trying to hide it by using body-colored elements would have been the simplest and safest choice, but we strongly wanted to do the opposite. 
The design of the tail section even tends to highlight the technical beauty of an element that, although very sporty, manages to fit well with the elegant style of the other elements and is marked horizontally, deliberately in contrast with the vertically elongated optical groups. 
Every single detail embraces both a style and a function, blending the car’s technical peculiarities with a classical and modern stylistic framework at the same time. 
The Puritalia Berlinetta was an immense undertaking, not only on a stylistic level but a very technical one for a designer. A car of almost 1000hp requires a series of technical requirements that are often constraining for the designer. 
For me, this was an opportunity to create a new and innovative blend of engineering and style - and, on a personal level, it allowed me to push myself beyond previous limits. 
Designing the Puritalia Berlinetta was a challenge. A difficult, long, and demanding challenge; but without a doubt, a beautiful one. 

Designing a Berlinetta car means being heavily involved, no exceptions. On a technical level, it is a much more complex project than a rear-engine sports car. 
The presence of the transmission, in addition to all the technical difficulties it creates in terms of engineering, forced us to be incredibly thorough for an entire study of the interiors and their ergonomics. However, this ultimately resulted in the cockpit of the Berlinetta as a triumph of craftsmanship that embraces technology. 
The overall style is dictated by the central tunnel that functions as the “backbone” of the car interior. The rib that emerges represents the connection between the front heart and the rear wheel drive, a typical Berlinetta characteristic. 
In this case, the connection is twofold: in fact, this concept was made to connect the two hearts that the Berlinetta hides under its fiber skin - the front thermal propulsion and the electric rear one. They’re two hearts that, at the touch of the driver, begin to show the true Super-Hybrid soul. 
The goal was craftsmanship that embraces technology, as we said. The impressive touch screen stands at the center of the dashboard, and the display in front of the driver is literally framed in a single piece of steel milled from a solid. 
The same fine workmanship has been used for all visible metal elements: the central joystick, the high console on the car ceiling, the buttons, the handles, and even the ventilation system. These are many small treasures, all set in an environment where fine leather and carbon form a contrast that is able to remain both luxurious and sporty. 

The Carbon-Aluminum hybrid chassis has been designed to ensure both lightness and strength, as well as to stand out for its style. 
The central tub is made of pre-impregnated carbon fiber and cured in an autoclave at 180 degrees – it offers maximum torsion rigidity and the beauty of an object perfectly integrated with the interior style, as it remains fully visible in the inside of the car. 
The front and rear sub-frames are made of aeronautical aluminum with suspension plates entirely CNC machined from solid billets. 
Each of the 4 suspension plates is manufactured from a single block
of 120Kg of this aluminum, but only weigh about 10Kg by the end – an enormous effort whose final result allows all the suspension components, including control arms and shock absorbers, to connect on a single engineered piece without any joints, connections or welds. 

This provides not only extreme rigidity and resistance, but most importantly, a centesimal precision in the position of the suspension components - and therefore in the suspension geometry and kinematics. 
In the most classic of craftsmen’s traditions, each customer can choose the finish of all components of the frame. Each aluminum piece can
be painted, powder coated, or anodized in the color of choice, and are brushed and polished by hand, and the carbon fiber tub can be finished in any degree between full gloss and matte finish. 

The complete chassis, including all structural supports for radiators, engine, transmission and the electric motor weighs only 150Kg. 

Puritalia Berlinetta adopts a plug-in hybrid powertrain based on a front-mounted V8 engine and a parallel rear-mounted axial-flow electric motor, placed on the rear of the differential. 
Compared to the classic hybridization solutions that are generally very heavy and invasive, Puritalia uses only highly advanced components and technologies that are able to offer incredible performances (up to 370Nm of additional torque) at the “cost” of only 90Kg. 
Internal Combustion Engine 
The combustion engine is a modern V8 5.0L 32-valve double overhead camshafts (DOHC) and dual variable timing independent (Ti-VCT). 
To ensure optimal weight distribution and a lower center of gravity, the engine is positioned entirely behind the front track axle in a rather low position, thanks to the dry sump lubrication. 
The engine is supercharged by a 2.9L twin-screw compressor that offers a progressive increase in torque, even at low revs, at a constant pressure of 11 PSI. 
The compressor is equipped with a liquid intercooler with 2 radiators located in the side air intakes of the front bumper. 
The combustion engine alone delivers 750 horsepower at 7,000 rpm and 878 Nm of torque at 4,400 rpm. 
The all-aluminum engine block has been specially developed for the requirements of the Berlinetta and is supplied by a specialized American company. The final assembly of the internal components of the engine is carried out meticulously, by hand, in Italy. 
Among the many available options, customers can choose to have the engine block entirely CNC machined from a single aluminum billet, with their name permanently engraved in - a technical detail that offers further personalization and technical refinement to the engine compartment. 
The engine’s electronics management is entrusted to a MOTEC ECU, and is supported by a software package that was specially developed by Puritalia and a proprietary OBDII control unit that comply with stringent EURO 6 environmental regulations. 
The engine’s ECU is managed by the proprietary system Puritalia Purhydrive© which acts as the orchestra director to all the components of the powertrain: combustion engine, electric motor, battery management system and gearbox AMT (Automated Manual Transmission) system. 

Electric Motor 
The advanced axial flux electric motor is supplied by Yasa and produces up to 370 Nm of torque and 215hp of peak power at a weight of just
over 25Kg. The engine was integrated by Puritalia directly on the rear differential, thanks to its extremely compact diameter of 305mm and axial depth of 106mm. 

In this configuration, the torque delivered by the electric motor bypasses the gearbox gear ratio and acts directly on the rear wheels through the final ratio only. This configuration is optimal to transfer the enormous torque provided the electric motor to the wheels, that is always fully available from 0 to 7,000 rpm. 
The control of the electric motor acts alongside the automated gearbox control AMT, increasing the thrust during the opening of the clutch necessary for gear shifting. This results in continuous acceleration - even during gear changes. 
Puritalia engineers also incorporated an electronically managed clutch that disengages the electric motor from the differential in specific usage conditions to avoid dragging when it’s not needed. 
To ensure the performance of the electric motor even during the most intense periods of use, the engine temperature is constantly monitored and managed by a cooling system that provides a flow of up to 20 liters / hour of dielectric oil. 

Battery Pack 
Puritalia Berlinetta has two lithium-iron-phosphate (LiFePO) battery packs, entirely designed and built by Puritalia, that guarantee a total capacity of 5.2 kWh; the main battery pack is positioned under the trunk area while the secondary is in the area behind the seats, in a low position for the car’s center of gravity. 
The two 700V battery packs are dynamically managed in parallel; they’re used individually in normal conditions, and in combination (to raise the current up to 230A) when the Puritalia eMozione function is activated, in order to provide the maximum power and torque. 
A complete charge of the battery packs requires just over 3 hours via an electric socket and the special charger supplied with the car. The batteries can also be charged during braking and while coasting through a special function that can be activated by the driver. 
Both battery packs integrate the BMS (Battery Management System) and cooling management system. 

A great deal of attention was given to studying heat diffusion and resulted in the design of the appropriate cooling systems, because, contrary to what one might think, the electrical components of the hybrid powertrain generate as much heat as a combustion engine. 
The air intake on the hood leverages the air depression to facilitate the expulsion of heat from the engine compartment. 
The cooling of the powertrain is carried out by 10 radiators positioned near the air intakes on the front and rear bumpers and the flat bottom
of the car. 

These radiators provide for the cooling of the combustion engine, the intercooler, the transmission, the differential, the electric motor, the AC inverter, and the battery packs. 

The transmission is 7-speed with AMT electro-hydraulic robotization with steering wheel controls. 
For the optimal balance of the weights, the gearbox is positioned in the rear of the car and connected to the engine by a carbon fiber torque tube that hosts the light carbon fiber driveshaft. 
The 210mm diameter torque tube also acts as a structural element, helping to substantially increase the torsional rigidity of the chassis. 
The AMT system was developed by Puritalia in collaboration with a leading Italian company in the sector and allows for a gear change in about 150 milliseconds, torque-to-torque. At the same time, the electric motor keeps pushing its torque to the rear wheels for virtual “zero-delay” shifting. 
The AP racing 3-disc clutch, controlled directly by the electro-hydraulic AMT actuators, is manufactured with custom-made friction material that has been specifically formulated for the torque specs of the Berlinetta and its road use purposes, ensuring a smooth modulation and firm engagement even in standing maneuvers. 
The gearshift can be set in automatic or manual mode; when in manual mode, the gearbox is operated through the paddle-shifters located at the steering wheel. 
The limited slip differential is electronically operated (eLSD). 

The Puritalia Berlinetta is also unique in the driving modes it offers. There are 4 driving modes, as well as a bonus one called “Individual” 
that can be customized ad hoc, based on the driving style of the owner. 

The SuperHybrid is the driving mode that offers maximum driving enjoyment, intended as a perfect balance of performance and comfort. In this mode, the car is connected to the Puritalia Purhydrive cloud-based system for efficient management of the energy used by the electric motor, which is dynamically provided by Artificial Intelligence algorithms that focus on self-learning the driving style, the driver’s habits, and online live data feeds. 

In this mode - still hybrid - the driving is more sporty, thanks to the progressive stiffening of the suspension and steering. The accelerator pedal becomes more responsive, and the combustion engine switches on a more powerful map. The robotized gearbox becomes more aggressive and reduces shift times to a minimum. All of this is unmistakably emphasized by the sound of the 4 exhaust tips that, through the Puritalia Orchestra, provide a greater opening of the valves that regulate the active side pipes. 

Here, all electronic controls are excluded for the pure track experience. The electric motor provides its peak power continuously. The combustion engine switches on the most powerful and aggressive racing map, and the exhaust sound provided by the Puritalia Orchestra system become even bolder. 

And finally - designed for entry and exit from urban centers, the Berlinetta can travel up to 20Km in this exclusively electric mode. Though not yet available, E-Power will be with a remote update of the onboard software in the future. 
In all modes - with the exception of E-Power - the driver can activate the Puritalia eMozione switch which raises the current supplied to the electric motor for an additional torque of 370Nm (equivalent to the total torque of an Audi S3) for a continuous period of 45 seconds. 
And, for an even more personal driving experience, the driver can manually tune all of the main parameters related to the following systems: 

Traction Control Electric Power Steering Suspensions
Electric Motor
Side Pipes valve 

This makes it feel remarkably close to a gaming-like experience. 

Puritalia Automobili means passion and enthusiasm for building Italian designed handmade cars, but is also a vocation of innovation and technology. 
Underneath, Puritalia Berlinetta has its own distinctive and technological heart that’s represented by the company’s two proprietary systems: 
Puritalia Purhydrive
The Purhydrive© technology redesigns the way hybrid cars manage the distribution of the propulsion between the combustion engine and the electric motors, when they are usually managed statically by algorithms written inside the car ECUs. 
Thanks to an online connection with a cloud computing platform that provides enormous computing power, the Purhydrive system offers dynamic and personalized management, and balance of the power supply, through self-learning of the drivers’ style and habits. 
The modern software technologies of Big Data and AI (Artificial Intelligence), allow us to foresee and simulate the path in a virtual way, crossing the data with external information such as weather conditions and traffic data. 
The virtual route simulation provides valuable information in advance, such as turns, ascent and descent sections, and acceleration and braking points. A huge amount of data and information are processed remotely and then sent to the car as a more efficient use of energy and a more dynamic balance between the behavior of the combustion engine,
the electric motor, and the gearbox - and ideally managing to use all available energy during the planned route. 

The system also incorporates other information from the on-board sensors, such as vibrations, the state of the asphalt, and bumps in order to “self-learn” and modify the suspension setting dynamically for the next pass on the same street. 
The Purhydrive system, a strategic asset of Puritalia Automobili, is constantly developing and improving and so its future extension to other commercial applications, those where the efficient and dynamic management of two or more energy sources is particularly important, is also envisaged. 

Puritalia Digital-DNA 
This is the digital nervous system of the car that is designed entirely according to a “Silicon Valley” approach. 
A modular software kernel is spread over all functionalities and controls, thus allowing remote maintenance for the car’s entire life cycle; not
only updates for any errors or malfunctions, but for the release of new functions as well. 

Through the Digital-DNA, the driver can configure and control the entire car through the central touch-screen and voice controls; a special app also grants the owner remote access to all the car’s functions through their smartphone. 
The remote diagnosis and online assistance function even allows Puritalia technicians to connect to each car to verify errors, problems, or to provide assistance to the driver as needed. 

The Berlinetta body is made entirely of last generation carbon fiber. 
In order to attain its characteristic lightness, Puritalia uses only pre- impregnated carbon fiber that has been cured in an autoclave with the pressure at 8 bar and a temperature of 180o. 
To improve the rigidity and preserve design lines during the assembly, 60% of the body is achieved through only two components; each is laminated as single monocoque and thus ensures continuity of fibers without junctions or joints. The front area is called the “Front Body” and the central area the “Upper Body”, and combine for a total weight of only 27Kg. 
Stylistically, this composition is reflected in the lack of the traditional cuts that separate the front bumper from the side fenders, and the absence of those that separate the roof with the windscreen area, the pillars, and the rear quarter. 
The finishing and painting process of the carbon panels includes up to
5 layers of base paint, as well as 5 layers of a transparency (glossy or opaque), that depends on the finish and desired color. Then, there is a final polishing process with 3 total steps of fine-grained block sanding of the body. 

This is an extremely hands-on and laborious process, but it ensures perfection of the surfaces and reflections on a level that is never reached by the automated painting processes used for standard OEM cars. 
All in all, the process of painting and finishing all carbon fibers components of the car requires 800 hours of work by hand. 
The choice of colors and finishes is extremely customizable, and Puritalia ensures that each car will have its own unique color scheme and its own paint formula - registered for the owner - so can’t be replicated for any other Berlinetta
Among these countless options, as part of the Puritalia Sartoria© program, customers can decide to have the entire body painted with visible fiber - one of the most exclusive options available that will be limited to just 10 cars. 

Once you get inside the Puritalia Berlinetta, you immediately sense a different atmosphere. 
It is created by the highest quality materials in which the carbon fiber, placed in contrast with a glossy and opaque finish, is certainly the predominant element responsible for the feeling of quality and exclusivity. 
The clean aesthetic is accentuated with aluminum elements, all made exclusively by CNC machining from solid aluminum billets that are brushed and polished by hand, and by an almost total absence of mechanical buttons and levers. 
Here, as for the rest of the car, there is no room for plastic. 
The central cell of the carbon fiber frame is left exposed but blends perfectly with the style of the interior panels that complete the design, as opposed to covering it with carpeting. 
All the car’s functions can be accessed through the central 10-inch touch screen whose functionality has been designed in conjunction with the two joysticks placed immediately below on the central tunnel. 
The Puritalia QuickCommand© function allows you to operate any command (such as windows, lights, air conditioner, locks, etc ...) in just two clicks of the joystick, without taking your eyes off the road. 
The dashboard is digital with a 12.3-inch high-resolution TFT display, and all HMI interfaces have been internally developed by the Puritalia graphic team using the latest 3D effects and animation. 
Particular attention has been paid to the ergonomics of the driving position and to the driver’s comfort; in contrast with other super sports cars with similar performance, the seat is easily accessible and always comfortable - even for taller people - with leg room comparable to that of a modern saloon car. 
For this reason, instead of the lighter monocoque seats, the Berlinetta is equipped with elegant sports seats supplied by Sabelt, customized and covered in strictly Italian NAPPA leather, and electrically adjustable. 

The Berlinetta production is limited to 150 cars.
Price starts at Euro 465,000 + VAT, depending on the country of delivery. 

Each Berlinetta is built to the customer’s specifications to guarantee that each car is truly unique and adheres to the Puritalia brand philosophy - according to which, each of its cars: 
Must be built strictly by hand, in limited series;
Must be heavily customized for each customer;
Must be built in Italy, exclusively by expert Italian artisans;
Must have a distinctive technological footprint that differentiates it from other cars;
Is not for everyone, but only true connoisseurs that appreciate the car in every detail. 

Owning a Berlinetta is not like any other car. 
Owning a Berlinetta means becoming part of an exclusive club of sports car enthusiasts who embrace the Puritalia philosophy that sees each customer as an “Ambassador” of the brand. 
For this reason, each customer is asked to actively participate in
the building process of their car, and to know every technical and constructive detail. Each customer shall assist in-person at key stages of the building process, like the first engine fire-up and the exciting moment of final delivery. 

A rigorous selection process guarantees that each customer embraces this philosophy, and understands what it means to become a Puritalia Ambassador
Furthermore, through the exclusive Puritalia Sartoria program, the customer will be able to experience this journey of building their own car as an extension of their taste and personality. 
Each customer is assisted by our Chief Designer and the Design Team who will work with them during every phase of the personalization done from either pre-packaged or completely custom options. 
However, among the many pre-packaged options, there are a few that qualify as “Exclusive Option” and are reserved for just one car; others are “Limited Option”, like the exposed carbon fiber bodywork, for only 10 cars; and a special aerodynamic package is limited to only five. 

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